02. November 2017


It has come to Mayfran's attention that an online recruiting scam is targeting job seekers who have posted their resumes on various public websites in order to gain employment.

The ultimate goal of the scheme is to get personal banking information from applicants by convincing them that they have secured a position with a company that is being misrepresented by individuals who have no connection with the organization they claim to represent. Once the applicants are convinced that they have secured a position, they are instructed to complete 'new hire paperwork' including a W4 and Direct Deposit information. Then, funds are removed from the applicants’ (victims’) bank accounts.

While Mayfran International does utilize recruiting firms from time to time, our hiring practices will always involve face-to-face interviews (possibly after a phone interview and/or Skype interview) as well as an onsite orientation that includes completing the necessary sensitive payroll information required to set up direct deposits. We would never hire an individual without meeting him/her in person.