Parts and Service

In addition to our reputation for reliability, Mayfran prides itself on outstanding aftermarket service. With facilities and service personnel located around the world, with a generous stock of parts, Mayfran is committed to keeping your operations running smoothly. All steel belts are produced by Mayfran, for our own conveyors and as replacement belts in competitive products, ensuring quality control and availability.  Additionally, we can help recondition used equipment to improve its performance or prepare it for use in a different application or facility.

Factory trained service personnel are generally available for next day service, and can also help with:
  • Installation and start-up
  • Training your maintenance personnel
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Inspections to help keep your equipment in top shape
  • Troubleshooting
For parts and service support in the US, email Mayfran America or call 800-321-6988 or 440-461-4100.

For parts and service needs in Europe, email Mayfran Europe or call +31 (0) 45 532 92 92. For other local offices, please see our worldwide locations.