Chip Wringers / Swarf Centrifuges

Chip wringers (or chip centrifuges) dry chips from machining or grinding sludge to recover valuable coolant, and increasing their scrap value. These chip processing solutions can generate a rapid payback on investment while simultaneously meeting ever more stringent environment regulations regarding chip disposal. Depending on the material and cutting fluid, dryness to less than 2% residual coolant can be achieved in your chip recovery operation.

Our wringers are designed for heavy-duty continuous operation and include hardened components to reduce wear and prolong life. To serve a range of throughput rates, material types, Mayfran offers three different wringer types:

  • TD-Series Pneumatic Discharge wringers, an ideal solution for lighter materials like aluminum, and capable of processing steel, brass, and stainless steel (video)


Related Solutions:

Chip Shredders / Crushers

Turnings or bundles need to be reduced in size prior to wringing, and Mayfran offers a full range of chips shredders to complement our wringing systems.

Chip Handling Solutions

To bring chips to central chip processing systems and transport between the elements of the system, Mayfran offers a range of automated chip handling solutions.