Conveyors with Filtration

Since the introduction of the ConSep® conveyor in 1995, Mayfran has set the standard for advanced coolant cleaning at the machine. Magnetic separator/conveyors handle challenging cast iron and other ferrous metal applications requiring coolant cleanliness. Both systems offer extended tank cleanout periods compared to chip conveyors, decreasing the frequency from quarterly to as long as annually.

ConSep Conveyor-Separator

The ConSep® conveyor-separator provides outstanding chip removal and coolant cleaning for your machine tool. With the capability to handle nearly any chip type and material, while providing coolant cleanliness to 50 microns, ConSep systems are well suited for general purpose machining. Tank cleanout periods can be extended from monthly for standard chip conveyors to annually for ConSep systems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The ConSep MKII system, with a lower profile design, allows for an easier integration into certain machining centers and lathes, while providing for floor space savings. A special indexing drum option is available to provide further improvements in coolant cleanliness.

Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separator conveyors provide cleaner coolant compared to drag conveyors in ferrous applications involving fine chips, particularly cast iron.  The MagSep® magnetic separator conveyor is ideal for dedicated cast iron and carbon steel applications generating chips smaller than 50 microns.  This system utilizes a drag conveyor design with a charged magnetic bed to separate ferrous chips from coolant.

ConSep Flex All-in-One Chip Conveyor and Coolant Cleaning

The ConSepFlex all-in-one chip conveyor and coolant cleaning system combines a hinged steel belt conveyor, scraper (drag) conveyor, and magnetic bed in one compact package to remove any combination of chip type and material while providing coolant cleaning to 50 µm or better (for cast iron fines).

Fluid System

Fluid System brings the coolant life improvements of centralized filtration systems to individual machine tools and flexible stand-alone manufacturing processes. This enhances the universal chip removal conveyor technology of ConSep conveyors to deliver the ultimate machine tool-level chip and coolant management solution.