Pressure Media Filter DBF

The Pressure Media Filter (DBF) is a fixed chamber pressure filter capable of operating at high differential pressures to maximize filter cycle times, and can achieve clarity levels to 5 microns using standard filter media (both disposable and endless belt), and down to 1 micron using a filter aid (pre-coat).

Proven reliable technology, the DBF is a highly efficient high flow coolant filtration system that is custom engineered and fully automatic.

The DBF can be used for various processes and with various materials, removing fine particulates from metalworking fluids. With proper media selection, expect up to a 99% efficiency rating for applications including machining, grinding, drilling, honing, polishing, and washing.

The engineered DBF can use endless media belts, disposable media, or both to provide desired coolant clarity levels from 100 gallons per minute up to 10,000 gallons per minute.

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