This filter is based on the build-up of a filter cake which is periodically removed through rotation. During the periodic rotation, the coarse particles deposited in the filter housing are also carried out by special cleats. Simultaneously, the accumulated filter cake is removed by the brush, and the filter mat pores are additionally cleaned using a separate clean coolant (flushing) pump from inside to outside. This lowers the coolant level and completes the cleaning cycle. The dimensions of the clean tank are matched to your local conditions.

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Primary function: filtering of coolant

To be used for: machining and grinding of steel, gray cast iron, brass, copper and aluminium

Chip types: short chips, max. size 20 mm, 25 [kg/h]

Cooling lubricant quantity: from 100 l/min to 1.500 l/min

Filtration quality: 15 - 50 μm, depending on application and filter mat

Selection criteria: no additional filter material, compact design, permanent V-2A filter mat


Filter-Modul Soluble oil 20 Cst. Soluble oil 20 Cst.

(l/min.) (l/min.) (l/min.) (l/min.)

RBF-E 100 100 70 60 40

RBF-E 200 200 140 120 80

RBF-E 300 300 210 180 120

RBF-E 400 400 280 240 160

RBF-E 600 600 420 360 240

RBF-E 1000 1000 700 600 400

RBF-E 1500 1500 1050 900 600

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