Across a range of industries, Mayfran provides solutions that help reduce handling and coolant costs and increase revenues through high uptime and improved scrap value. 


From turnkey scrap management solutions at major OEM powertrain and stamping facilities to machine-tool level solutions throughout the supply chain, Mayfran has installed thousands of products in automotive applications.  In an industry where reliability is vital and unplanned downtime costs thousands of dollars per minute, our reputation for durability and responsiveness makes us a supplier of choice.

Heavy Equipment

The challenges in metalworking applications for the heavy equipment industry, such as cast iron machining and hardened materials, place great demands on scrap management systems.  Mayfran has deep application experience and a range of tailored solutions to meet these demands.  Our systems are capable of moving large volumes of material in a cost effective and reliable manner over great distances.


When dealing with high material removal rates, critical parts finish, and exotic materials, rapid extraction of chips and control of coolant quality is critical.  Mayfran has a vast range of scalable solutions for these challenges. From at-the-tool conveyor, filtration, and chip extraction to central transportation and processing systems, Mayfran knows how to solve aerospace manufacturing-related problems.


For applications as diverse as turning couplings for oilfield pipes, machining gearboxes for wind turbines, and precision grinding turbine blades, Mayfran offers chip and coolant management systems to boost performance and reduce costs. Energy-related applications can require specialized handling solutions, and Mayfran has vast experience in tailoring solutions to fit specific requirements.


In an industry where precision and part finish is critical, managing coolant quality and flow rates can have a significant impact on manufacturing yields.  Mayfran offers a range of solutions for chip and coolant management, both at the machine tool and in central processing systems, to maintain coolant cleanliness and keep coolant lines clean.

Job Shops

Flexibility is the key word for the modern job shop, and maintaining cost competiveness for a range of products and materials is a major challenge. Our “one size fits all” solutions, like the ConSep® series of conveyors with filtration press-mounted shuffle drive systems for stamping operations, are essential elements in providing the responsiveness to opportunities that you need in order to thrive.

Recycling and Solid Waste

Material handling solutions with high reliability that last the life of your facility is the goal in equipping a scrapyard, material recovery facility, or incinerator.  Mayfran offers a range of conveyor solutions that enjoy a well-deserved reputation for durability and robustness, with outstanding load carrying capability and resistance to the elements.