Serving nearly all aspects of metalworking and recycling of any type of material, we have solutions for a range of processes you may perform, including the following.


Mayfran has a broad range of chip and coolant management solutions for machining applications, from machine tool level to centralized facility-wide systems for chip handling and processing and coolant filtration. Our work with industry-leading OEMs translates into pre-engineered solutions tailored to meet specific challenges.


Mayfran has the capability to provide solutions for metalforming scrap management ranging from simple at-the-press extraction to fully integrated turnkey projects, from press to loadout, from the job shop to the largest stamping, forging, and die-casting facilities in the world. Our reputation is for outstanding reliability and fulfilling the most demanding needs.

Cutting Fluid Management

Two of the biggest hidden costs in metalworking are cutting fluid consumption and the cost of poor quality from coolant deterioration. From machine tool level coolant cleaning to central filtration systems, we provide high ROI solutions to optimize your operations and help you gain a competitive edge.

Metal Scrap Processing

Offering a higher quality material to remelters with a lower cost can provide the edge for scrapyards or metalworking operations, and Mayfran products can help provide that edge. By removing cutting fluids, shredding scrap for easier transport, and briquetting to improve remelt performance, scrap value can be increased significantly.

Paper and Fiber Recycling

With scalable solutions from simple baler and pulper feed systems to full integration and project management in single stream recycling systems and a range of conveyor and sorting technologies to choose from, including briquetters for compacting paper or organic waste, we can tailor paper recycling systems to meet your specific needs.

Material Recovery Facilities

With the ability to provide all the elements of a single stream recycling system, building from a range of conveyor and sorting technologies, Mayfran can help you reduce costs and generate a return on your recycling investment. Our solutions scale to fit your needs, and our reputation for reliability and service ensure that your system operates dependably for years.