VERTIDRUM Vacuum filter

Chips and coolants are fed into the dirty tank together. The filter drum elements connected to a vacuum source are located in this dirty coolant tank. The dirty cooling lubricant is then sucked through the filter drum wall by the vacuum pump and pumped back to the machine tool. When penetrating the perforated drum walls, contaminations and fine chips form a filter cake. The regeneration process of the filter is trigged by a time and vacuum switch. Here, only one drum segment is flushed with clean cooling lubricant before the drum is indexed by one cycle. As 98% of the filter surface is always being used under vacuum according to this principle, the coolant flow is not interrupted permanent flow) so that no clean tank is required. The flushed back filter cake is carried out by a scraper conveyor in the filter tank together with the chips.

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Primary function: Filtering of coolant

To be used for: Cutting and machining of steel, gray cast iron, brass, copper and aluminium

Chip types: Short chips

Cooling lubricant quantity: from 200 l/min to 8.000 l/min

Filtration quality: 20 - 50 μm

Selection criteria: Media free filter

Save operating costs (consumables)

No conveyer for pre-separation required

No clean tank required

Flexibility through modular design

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