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Mayfran’s ConSep® 2000: Meeting the Needs of Modern Precision Machining for 25 Years

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the revolutionary conveyor-separator technology continues to meet today’s most stringent coolant cleaning needs.

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Twenty-five years ago, the most forward-thinking machine tool manufacturers and operators chose Mayfran International’s groundbreaking ConSep® 2000 technology to meet their toughest coolant cleaning challenges.

Today, that choice remains the same. As Mayfran celebrates the revolutionary conveyor-separator’s 25th anniversary, the ConSep 2000 remains the top choice for precision machine tool applications where coolant cleanliness cannot be compromised.

Providing outstanding chip removal and coolant cleaning for most machine tool applications, the ConSep 2000 handles nearly any chip type and material while providing coolant cleanliness to 50-micron nominal. The conveyor is well-suited for general purpose machining and can help extend tank clean-out periods from monthly to annually versus standard chip conveyors, helping operators dramatically reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

“We developed the ConSep 2000 based on what we knew our customers needed,” says Neb Petrovic, Director, Machine Tool Products, Mayfran International. “Machine tool applications were evolving, and they demanded better coolant cleaning capabilities than what was available at the time. We delivered on those needs with the ConSep 2000.”

Featuring a patented dual belt, the ConSep 2000 system includes a permanent self-cleaning media drum that separates fines from the coolant to 50-micron nominal. Other features include:

  • Integrated media-free backwash system eliminates filter replacements, clogged screens and pumps.
  • Plug and run packages available for many machine tools to ease installation.
  • Hardened component options available for applications involving abrasive materials.

“We were thrilled 25 years ago when Mayfran introduced the ConSep 2000 chip conveyor because we needed what it could do, and nobody else was doing it,” said Newell Franks, chairman and CEO, Burr Oak Tool, a specialty parts manufacturer based in Michigan and longtime Mayfran customer. “In every machine tool that we’ve purchased since, we’ve specified the ConSep 2000 on those machines. I think it’s remarkable that 25 years after its introduction, the ConSep 2000 is still probably the best chip conveyor on the planet.”

As it celebrates the ConSep® 2000’s 25th anniversary, Mayfran remains committed to developing new ways to help customers stay one step ahead. In 2020, Mayfran looks to deliver ongoing innovation, and will be introducing several new product technologies to help solve some of the toughest machine tool application challenges.

To learn more, contact your Mayfran International sales representative, or visit the ConSep® 2000 product page.

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