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Mayfran Industries headquarters

Who We Are at Mayfran International

Mayfran International is the world’s leading provider of material handling, coolant filtration, chip processing and recycling systems, with a focus on engineering and innovation.

The Mayfran name has been synonymous with quality throughout our history. Our products are designed for the most challenging applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, heavy equipment and other specialized industries. Our recycling solutions include equipment for metal scrap management, aluminum scrap separation, chip handling and more. We are also well known for our lifetime commitment to service and genuine aftermarket parts replacement guarantee. Customers know that working with Mayfran is about more than a product, it’s a relationship and an investment.

As a part of the Tsubaki Group—a global leader in motion control products for over 100 years—we’re committed to advancing the art of moving. Mayfran is committed to staying one step ahead, helping you succeed in ever-changing industries and an evolving marketplace.


Employees at Mayfran are part of a team and work in a positive environment that is geared toward helping everyone succeed. We value each team member for the skills they provide, their hard work and dedication. We treat every team member with warmth and respect and embrace their differences, cultures, customs and beliefs.


Mayfran strives to achieve sustainable growth by committing to corporate social responsibilities while recognizing its duty to contribute to society with ethical, sustainable business practices.

We are tackling a variety of issues to promote sustainability in the short, medium and long terms. We prioritize material issues and set strict sustainability targets at the corporate level to ensure that our commitment to corporate sustainability does not waver.

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