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Material Handling, Filtration and Scrap Solutions for Every Industry

Quality engineered products to meet your challenges.

Across numerous industries, Mayfran is an established leader in high-quality conveyor products for chip management and filtration, material handling and waste management applications. Our commitment to quality in every application means you can rely on us to meet your needs with tailored, engineered solutions no matter how or where you do business.

Our deep heritage in the aerospace, automotive, waste management and other industries allows us to apply decades of experience and expertise to your unique application. It’s our mission to help you stay operationally effective and efficient with high-quality systems and solutions.


Learn how Mayfran can help aerospace manufacturers improve uptime and enhance quality with machine tool, filtration and chip handling solutions.


Learn how Mayfran can help automotive manufacturers increase machine uptime and utilization with stamping scrap management and filtration solutions.

Consumer Products

Learn how Mayfran can help consumer goods manufacturers increase uptime and efficiency with complete scrap removal and management solutions.


Learn how Mayfran can slash costs, improve scrap and chip handling and optimize your coolant cleaning in a variety of electronics manufacturing applications.


Mayfran offers machine tool, chip handling and solid waste management solutions for energy applications. Learn how we can help improve your operations.

Heavy Equipment

Learn about Mayfran’s solutions for machine tool, chip handling and material handling applications for heavy equipment operators and manufacturers.

Industrial Products

Learn about Mayfran’s solutions for machine tool, chip handling and material handling solutions for industrial production applications.

Job Shops

Learn about Mayfran’s machine tool solutions for job shops, including complete chip and coolant management solutions, filtration and more.


Mayfran can help medical manufacturers improve precision and enhance parts finish with optimized coolant cleaning, filtration and material handling solutions.

Primary Metals

Mayfran can help primary metals manufacturers optimize uptime and enhance scrap value with material handling and scrap management solutions.

Solid Waste/Recycling

Learn about Mayfran’s solutions for solid waste and recycling management facilities, including large conveyors, scrap handling and transport systems.

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