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Reduce Coolant Tank Cleanings, Improve Uptime with Mayfran’s Auto Sludge Barrier

Introducing a new solution that automatically removes ferrous chips and tramp oils from coolant tanks in a variety of application for improved uptime and lower coolant costs.

Mayfran International, the industry leader in machine tool chip and coolant management, has introduced the Auto Sludge Barrier solution designed for steel, cast iron, ductile iron or any other ferrous material applications. The Auto Sludge Barrier is easily retrofitted into existing lines and is proven to effectively remove ferrous chips and fines from the coolant tank, reducing time-consuming tank cleanouts and cutting coolant costs by up to 30%.

“This is a new and unique solution to the old problem of removing coolant tank contaminants that come from processing a wide variety of metals,” said Neb Petrovic, director of machine tool products, Mayfran International. “Our customers are seeing incredible results with the Auto Sludge Barrier, including return on their investment within a year.”

Coolant tank cleanouts are a time-consuming process for machine shops, often taking equipment out of service for several days. Mayfran’s Auto Sludge Barrier extends the time between tank cleanouts by up to six months and reduces coolant costs because tramp oils are automatically removed. It is engineered with a compact and portable magnetic separator that can be retrofitted into any tank of a coolant system.

Mayfran’s Auto Sludge Barrier is simple to install with minimal disruption to production and can be retrofitted to Mayfran or competitive equipment.

Auto Sludge Barrier is Tested and Proven

Rich Legan, president of Cleveland, Ohio-based Barth Industries, installed the company’s first Auto Sludge Barrier in May 2019 and has since installed three more with another planned later in the year. As a Tier One machining and assembly provider for a variety of industries, Barth Industries operates 20 hours a day, five or more days a week. Equipment uptime is critical for the business, and Mr. Legan contacted Mayfran to provide a solution for its excess fines from ductile and gray irons.

“Because we run such a variety of materials from iron to aluminum, we couldn’t go with a traditional magnetic solution,” Mr. Legan said. “After we installed our first Auto Sludge Barrier, it was immediately apparent that it was exactly the solution we needed. We’re seeing better life out of our tooling and have used 30% less coolant. We’ve seen ROI on the first unit already, and the additional three units will pay for themselves by the end of the year.”

Downtime from coolant tank cleanings has also been reduced at Barth Industries. “In the past, we cleaned our coolant tanks about every 60 days. The line where we installed our first Auto Sludge Barrier in May didn’t have its first full cleaning until November. It just made good business sense to install additional units on our other lines. This solution provided by Mayfran exceeded my expectations in every way,” Mr. Legan said.

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