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Auto Sludge Barrier

Ideal for steel, cast- and ductile-iron applications, the Mayfran auto sludge barrier is a motorized automatic magnetic separation unit that removes small ferrous chips, fines and tramp oils from the coolant tank. It prevents in-tank sludge buildup while simplifying recovery and disposal without troublesome manual operations. It can be easily retrofitted into any coolant tank and mounted near pumps to reduce particulate sent back to the machine or mounted next to the conveyor to remove ferrous particles as they exit the conveyor.

Features and benefits of the Mayfran auto sludge barrier include:

  • Easy retrofitting to any coolant tank
  • Stainless steel construction for functionality and durability
  • 110-volt version is designed to work with a standard 110V receptacle
  • Repeat cycle timer for flexibility to handle larger chip loads while reducing coolant carryout
  • Removal of tramp oils, the number one contaminant of machine tool coolant systems

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