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Scrap Handling, Chip Removal and Coolant Cleaning for Automotive Manufacturing

In an industry where reliability is vital and unplanned downtime costs thousands of dollars per minute, rely on Mayfran to help you optimize stamping scrap handling and maximize machine uptime and utilization with a complete suite of solutions for automotive manufacturing.

From turnkey scrap solutions for major OEM powertrain and stamping facilities to machine-tool-level solutions throughout the supply chain, Mayfran has installed thousands of products in automotive applications. We’ve been helping automotive manufacturers since 1933 and are continuously innovating new ways to help you improve the reliability, longevity and quality of your critical production equipment.

Our solutions can help you:

  • Optimize scrap loading and removal processes
  • Improve machine utilization and uptime
  • Reduce wear on machine-tool components and equipment with reliable chip removal and continuous coolant cleaning
  • Enhance parts finishes and increase cutting tool life
  • Reduce coolant-related costs and maintenance
  • Increase scrap value
  • Separate various grades of materials
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