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Chip, Coolant and Scrap Management and Processing Solutions for Heavy Equipment

The challenges in metalworking applications for the heavy equipment industry, such as cast-iron machining and hardened materials, place great demands on scrap management systems. Rely on Mayfran to deliver a range of specific solutions and complete turnkey systems to meet these demands and more.

Our deep application experience and custom systems have helped our customers more efficiently move large volumes of material in a cost-effective and reliable manner over great distances. We can help you achieve optimized material separation, scrap removal, coolant cleaning and chip processing. Our teams have decades of experience helping heavy equipment operators build greater efficiency into their operations.

We can help you:

  • Enhance scrap loading and removal processes
  • Increase scrap value
  • Optimize machine utilization and uptime
  • Increase machine longevity
  • Reduce wear on machine-tool components and equipment with reliable chip removal and continuous coolant cleaning
  • Reduce coolant-related costs and maintenance
  • Automate chip collection, processing and transportation
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