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Precise Material Handling and Finishing for Medical Applications

In an industry where precision and part finish are critical, managing coolant quality and flow rates can have a significant impact on manufacturing yields. Trust Mayfran to deliver a complete range of solutions for chip and coolant management, both at the machine tool and in central processing systems, to maintain coolant cleanliness and keep coolant lines clean.

Our experts have been serving the medical industry for decades, and our deep experience means that we can help you identify a specific and unique solution for your material handling, scrap removal and machine-tool needs. Whether you need an application-specific fix or a turnkey system solution, trust the Mayfran team to help you optimize your operations.

We can help you:

  • Enhance precision and parts finish and tool life
  • Increase machine uptime and longevity
  • Reduce wear on machine-tool components and equipment with reliable chip removal and continuous coolant cleaning
  • Reduce coolant-related costs and maintenance
  • Effectively manage and remove scrap
  • Automate chip collection, processing and transportation
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