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Filtration and Chip Processing

We offer the right technology for all of your filtration needs, ranging from stand-alone coolant filtration units to central coolant filtration systems, with years of experience designing and implementing filtration solutions in the most demanding applications. With our automated chip handling systems and chip processing equipment, we can help you more effectively reduce coolant costs, increase machine uptime, extend tool life and meet stringent environmental regulations.


Hydrostatic Paper Filter (HPF)

Mayfran’s Hydrostatic Paper Filter (HPF) is designed to offer customers a cost-effective solution for efficient removal of particulate from a process solution.

Low Profile Paper Filter (HPF-LP)

Mayfran’s Low Profile Paper Filter (HPF-LP) is designed to offer customers a cost-effective solution for efficient removal of particulate from a process solution.

Vacuum Filters

VacuFilter® V-Series

Mayfran’s VacuFilter® V-Series is an efficient, modular coolant filtration system that delivers outstanding reliability and value for machine tool applications.

VacuFilter® E-Series

Mayfran’s VacuFilter® E-Series (VFE) uses proven reliable technology and is a highly efficient high-flow coolant filtration system.

Vacuum Belt Filter

Mayfran’s vacuum belt filters are a compact and economical way to achieve outstanding chip and coolant filtration.

Pressure Filters

Pressure Belt Filter

Mayfran’s pressure belt filters are an efficient and effective way to reduce overall coolant filtration costs, ideal for grinding and turning applications.

Drum Filter

Hydrostatic Drum Filter (HDF)

The HDF is a cost-effective, preengineered, modular machine tool filtration unit that eliminates the need for filter replacements.

Coolant-Filtration Systems

Central Coolant System

Mayfran’s central coolant filtration systems are custom designed to meet your chip processing needs, helping you reduce coolant and maintenance costs.

Shredders, Crushers, Wringers

MA (Mono Shaft) Shredder

Mayfran’s MA Mono Shaft industrial metal shredder is designed for at-the-tool applications, including machine pump-back systems for metal chips and coolants.

TA (Twin Shaft) Shredder

The Mayfran TA Twin Shaft industrial metal shredder is designed for 1-3 machines and is built into a machine pump-back system.

MSA Crusher

The Mayfran MSA Crusher is designed for long chips and large clumps of hard and brittle material that are continuously supplied.

VC (Vertical Shaft) Crusher

Mayfran’s VC Vertical Shaft Metal crusher with automatic or hydraulically actuated cutting arm are suitable for crushing tough materials.

TD-Series Pneumatic Discharge Wringers

TD-Series Pneumatic Discharge chip wringers are an ideal solution for lighter materials like aluminum and capable of processing steel, brass and stainless steel.

VBU-Series (Vertical Bowl Up) Wringers

Mayfran’s chip centrifuge VBU-Series chip wringers are ideal for medium chip volumes and can be used to help reclaim coolant for recycling.

ArmorLift® LBC (Lift Bottom Centrifuge) Wringers

The Mayfran ArmorLift® LBC (Lift Bottom Centrifuge) chip wringer is designed for continuous operations and is available in various models and drives.

Chip and Coolant Handling

Pneumatic Chip Conveyor

Mayfran's pneumatic chip conveyors provide collection of scrap from machining operations and transport it to a central binning or processing operation.

Power-Trof® Push Bar Conveyor

Mayfran’s Power-Trof® Push Bar conveyors are designed for smooth, trouble-free operation, easy installation and maintenance, and maximum durability.

Steel Belt Conveyors

Mayfran’s steel belt conveyors are best suited for low-coolant content and bushy or broken chips. Special designs are available for more demanding applications.

Drag Conveyors

Mayfran’s drag conveyors are ideal for dry cast-iron, wet cast-iron or aluminum machine tool applications for effective chip removal.

Screw Conveyors

Mayfran’s screw conveyors can handle fine or broken chips as well as bundles up to approximately 12" (305 mm).

Chip Processing and Chip Handling Systems

Cart/Drum Dumpers

Mayfran’s cart/drum dumpers elevate carts from floor level into sizing equipment, conveyors or metering devices.

Discharge Systems

Mayfran’s discharge devices or load-out systems remove chips from the wringer and dump them into a chip container.

Viavent® Overhead Pump System

Mayfran’s Viavent® overhead pump system is a closed-loop system for the recirculation of chips and coolants through central filtration systems.

Pumpback Stations

Mayfran’s pumpback stations are designed around the needs of the machine and chips produced.

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