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Pressure Belt Filter

Mayfran’s pressure belt filter (DBF) offers an efficient and effective way to reduce your overall coolant costs in grinding and turning applications. With outstanding filtration quality down to 10 microns, depending on the chip type and coolant clarity requirements, Mayfran’s pressure filtration technology offers a reliable way to improve system uptime. Custom-engineered and fully automatic, it is an ideal solution for a variety of processes and materials.

With proper media selection, you can expect up to a 99% efficiency rating for applications, including machining, grinding, drilling, honing, polishing and washing. Other features include:

  • Capacity up to 5,000 gpm
  • Able to achieve fluid clarity levels to less than 10 microns using a filter aid (pre-coat)
  • Effective filtration for fine and short chip types
  • Outstanding drying of filter cake
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