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AT Cleaner

AT-Cleaner and AT-Cleaner With Side Stream Package

The AT-Cleaner separator system offers advanced cleaning for water-soluble coolants using a proprietary hydraulic centrifugal separator that is media- and maintenance-free. The media-free design offers significant savings on consumables and downtime versus typical bag filters.

A Mayfran coolant cleaning and high-pressure coolant system integrated into the chip conveyor and coolant tank offers many features and benefits, including:

  • Clean coolant to 10-micron nominal
  • Increased coolant, pump and tool life
  • Improved part accuracy and finish
  • Reduced floor space and piping requirements
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiencies

The AT-Cleaner can also be used to continuously clean a portion of the water-soluble coolant to remove fine particulate and reduce the parts per million. The AT-Cleaner Side Stream Package can be retrofitted to any existing chip conveyor.

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