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We offer an industry-leading variety of chip and coolant management solutions for a broad range of machine-tool applications, including new and aftermarket equipment. We can help you increase your machine uptime by extending coolant, pump and tooling life, helping to reduce maintenance, increasing productivity and, most importantly, improving part quality. With our fully customizable solutions, we can offer you a tailored solution for your unique application.

Chip Conveyors

Chip Conveyors

Mayfran’s hinge belt chip conveyors offer extreme reliability and efficiency for machine tool chip handling, helping you reduce downtime.

Drag Conveyors

Mayfran’s drag conveyors are ideal for dry cast-iron, wet cast-iron or aluminum machine tool applications for effective chip removal.


Mayfran’s CleanSweep-RM is an ideal general purpose chip conveyor for effective chip cleaning, handling and removal in a variety of applications.

CleanSweep G2

Mayfran’s CleanSweep G2 is an effective midrange conveyor, ideal for both handling and coolant filtration for a wide variety of chip types.

Magnetic Roller Conveyor

Mayfran’s magnetic roller conveyor offer an effective and efficient means to separate and remove coolant fines.

Separator Conveyors

CS1 Conveyor

Mayfran’s CS1 drag-style conveyor offers advanced chip removal and coolant cleaning to keep operations up and running.

CS1 Flex Conveyor

Mayfran’s CS1 Flex Conveyor builds on the successful CS1 Conveyor technology with a magnetic bed to separate small chips and fines from coolant, increase machine uptime and reduce coolant tank maintenance.

ConSep® 2000 Conveyor

Mayfran’s ConSep® 2000 offers advanced chip removal and cleaning to manage multiple metal chip types, including the more difficult to handle strings and turnings.

ConSep® 2000 II Conveyor

Mayfran’s ConSep® 2000 II is a single-belt version of the popular ConSep® 2000 conveyor that offers an integrated filtration chip and coolant system.

ConSep® WS Conveyor

Mayfran’s ConSep® WS offers the same excellent performance as the ConSep® 2000 II, but its smaller overall profile makes it ideal where space is at a premium.

ConSep® Flex Conveyor

Mayfran’s ConSep® Flex all-in-one chip conveyor and coolant cleaning system combines three chip removal technologies in one compact package.

MagSep® Magnetic Scraper Conveyor

Mayfran’s MagSep® Magnetic Scraper Conveyor combines magnetic force with a scraper belt for positive separation of ferrous chips from coolant.


Hydrostatic Paper Filter (HPF)

Mayfran’s Hydrostatic Paper Filter (HPF) is designed to offer customers a cost-effective solution for efficient removal of particulate from a process solution.

Low-Profile Hydrostatic Paper Filter (HPF-LP)

Mayfran’s HPF-LP is designed to offer customers a cost-effective solution for efficient removal of particulate from a process solution.

VacuFilter® V-Series

Mayfran’s VacuFilter® V-Series is an efficient, modular coolant filtration system that delivers outstanding reliability and value for machine tool applications.

VacuFilter® E-Series

Mayfran’s VacuFilter® E-Series (VFE) uses proven reliable technology and is a highly efficient high-flow coolant filtration system.

Hydrostatic Drum Filter (HDF)

The HDF is a cost-effective, preengineered, modular machine tool filtration unit that eliminates the need for filter replacements.

Conveyor Accessories

AT-Cleaner and AT-Cleaner With Side Stream Package

Mayfran’s AT-Cleaner coolant filtration system integrated into a conveyor can help improve coolant, pump and tool life, while improving costs and efficiencies.

High-Pressure Coolant Systems

Mayfran high-pressure coolant systems can help improve production efficiency, increase coolant, pump and tool life and decrease floor space.

Hard Turn Package

Mayfran’s Hard Turn Package can be applied to any chip conveyor to reduce wear and extend conveyor life in abrasive applications.

Oil Skimmer

Mayfran’s oil skimmer and oil coalescer accessories are mounted to the chip conveyor coolant tank to help eliminate tramp oils in water-soluble coolants.

Air Knife

Mayfran’s air knife is added to the conveyor discharge to remove chips that could jam the chip conveyor belt or migrate to the coolant tank.

Variable Speed Drives

With the Mayfran variable speed drive for chip conveyors, operators can adjust minimum conveyor belt speeds to ensure sufficient chip removal.

Sludge Barrier

The Mayfran sludge barrier is a compact and portable magnetic solution that removes small ferrous chips and fines from the coolant tank.

Auto Sludge Barrier

Mayfran’s auto sludge barrier is an automatic magnetic separation unit that removes small ferrous chips, fines and tramp oils from coolant tanks.

Rake Cleat

The Mayfran rake cleat kits help to carry out stringy chips that can ball up in loading areas and get pulled back into the machine at discharge.

Conveyor Accessories

Integrated Mayfran chip conveyor accessories are proven to reduce floor space needed for equipment and improve efficiency, coolant life and chip removal.

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