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CS1 Flex Conveyor

CS1 Flex Conveyor

Mayfran’s CS1 Flex Conveyor builds on the successful CS1 Conveyor technology with a magnetic bed to separate small chips and fines from coolant, increase machine uptime and reduce coolant tank maintenance. It also extends coolant, pump and tooling life and contains a permanent self-cleaning filter media with backwash spray. Specifically, it’s used in cast-iron plus cast-aluminum applications to clean coolant down to 50-micron nominal, along with 98% ferrous particles by weight.

The CS1 Flex Conveyor operates in the following fashion:

  • Small chips and coolant enter the load area of the conveyor
  • Material is removed by the drag scraper belt and elevated to the discharge hopper
  • A permanent self-cleaning media drum separates the fines from the coolant to 50-micron nominal
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