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HPF LP Inspection Filter product image

Low-Profile Hydrostatic Paper Filter (HPF-LP)

Mayfran’s HPF-LP is the low-profile version of the hydrostatic paper filter, with many of the same features and benefits. The HPF-LP’s design makes it ideal for low-discharge-height machines and offers better filtration than a traditional flatbed paper filter. It’s a cost-effective solution for efficient removal of particulate from a process solution.

The HPF-LP uses disposable media to filter particulates from process fluid, delivering excellent fluid clarity and exceptional value. Various options are available to enhance the operational performance and meet the increasingly stringent requirements of modern machine tools, including high-pressure delivery packages and temperature control equipment. Features include:

  • Deep-bed technology for high filtration levels and a high flow capacity
  • Side seal technology for increased filtration efficiency
  • Fully automatic operation and few moving parts for increased reliability
  • A shallow incline ramp for effective material removal
  • Disposable roll media that can be matched to a variety of applications
  • Modular design to match specific applications at a cost-effective price point
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