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Waste-to-Energy Conveyors

Mayfran offers a range of conveyor solutions for waste-to-energy facilities, helping you more effectively produce clean, renewable energy. Gain operational efficiency, reduce life cycle costs and reduce maintenance needs with our reliable solutions.

Our solutions include numerous conveyor types with hoppers and transfer chutes, hinged steel-belt conveyors, Z-Pan conveyors, A-Pan conveyors, PolyArmor® conveyors, slider-bed conveyors and trough-belt conveyors based on material and load specifications. Our application engineers can work with you to develop your specs for your specific application.

Features include:

  • Available in various pan thicknesses
  • Available with various side wing thicknesses
  • Closed- or open-frame construction
  • Hardened pins
  • Various cleat configurations
  • ASCE rails on belt carrying tracks and 3/8″-thick wear-resistant bars on return tracks
  • Variable speed drives
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