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Material Handling Solutions

We offer a variety of effective material and scrap management equipment trusted by the biggest names in automotive, aerospace, solid waste management, recycling and beyond. From simple scrap extraction to fully integrated turnkey systems, Mayfran offers the right products to optimize flow, increase scrap value, reduce operating costs and manage any scrap or material handling challenge.

Conveyors for Metalworking

Coil Slitter Scrap Conveyors

Mayfran’s coil slitter scrap conveyors are designed to work with scrap choppers, side trimmers and slitters during the metal parts manufacturing process.

Cold Forged Conveyors

Mayfran’s cold forged conveyors are designed to move parts that can reach temperatures as high as 400° F during the cold forging process.

Die-Cast Scrap Conveyors

Mayfran’s die-cast scrap conveyors are designed to move scrap from the die-casting process to a furnace-feed conveyor.

Fastener Conveyors

Mayfran’s fastener conveyors are used in the process of manufacturing fasteners to move material from one operation to another.

Flat Top Steel Belt Conveyors

Mayfran’s flat top steel belt conveyors are made without side wings, and the belt below the top of the frame allows material to be pushed or removed.

Hot Forging Conveyors

Mayfran’s hot forging conveyors move parts that can reach temperatures between 400° and 2,200° F during the hot forging process.

PolyArmor® Conveyors

Mayfran’s PolyArmor® conveyors are used in recycling, particularly for long conveyor lengths, high vertical lift and high belt speed.

Quench Conveyors

Mayfran’s quench conveyors are designed to quench or cool parts, die scrap and other material in a more timely and efficient manner.

Z-Pan and A-Pan Steel Belt Conveyors

Mayfran’s Z-Pan and A-Pan conveyors are used in foundries, mining, car shredding, scrap yard, pulp and high-speed hammer mill shredding of car batteries.

Scrap Management Systems for Metalworking

Shuffle Conveyor Systems

Mayfran’s shuffle conveyor systems offer simple operation, minimal maintenance and high reliability for a range of scrap applications.

Stamping Scrap Systems

Mayfran’s stamping scrap systems can help improve efficiency in your stamping scrap collection.

Recycling and Solid Waste Systems

Baler and Infeed Conveyors

Mayfran’s baler conveyors and infeed conveyors are the top choice for recycling systems worldwide, offering efficiency and reliable performance.

Swivel Conveyors

Mayfran’s swivel conveyors can help recyclers efficiently, reliably and evenly distribute scrap in their facilities.

Waste-to-Energy Conveyors

Mayfran offers a range of conveyor solutions for waste-to-energy plants, helping to more efficiently produce clean, renewable energy.

MRF Sorting Systems

Mayfran’s MRF sorting systems are ideal for a wide range of recycling systems, helping you improve the uptime and reliability of your system.

Pulp Feed Conveyors

Mayfran’s pulp feed conveyors are designed for heavy service and can reliably stand up to the challenges of various fiber supply applications.

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