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VacuFilter® E-Series

Mayfran’s VacuFilter® E-Series (VFE) uses proven, reliable technology and is a highly efficient high-flow coolant filtration system that is custom engineered and fully automatic.

The VFE can be used for various processes and with various materials, removing fine particulates from metalworking fluids. With proper media selection, expect up to a 99% efficiency rating for applications including machining, grinding, drilling, honing, polishing and washing.

In addition, with custom-engineered VFE units, customers can choose from different types of media for particulate removal, including:

  • Disposable media
  • Permanent media
  • Endless filter belts
  • Both simultaneously

Customers can also choose from single or multiple pump systems. With this groundbreaking technology, it is possible to define a central point of service that best fits your manufacturing floor footprint.

Design feature advantages include:

  • Accommodating various coolant types—water-soluble, synthetic or straight oils
  • Accommodating flow rates from 100 gpm up to 2,500 gpm per filter
  • Delivering filtration levels down to 10 microns
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