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Stamping Scrap Systems

In the world of stamping, inefficient scrap removal cannot be tolerated. Optimize your scrap collection system with a range of reliable offerings from Mayfran. Mayfran’s scrap loadout systems are designed to the same exacting standards as our conveyors, enabling you to keep production running on even the most demanding schedules.

Gain deeper insight into your scrap processes and improve operational efficiency with our laser sensor and automatic feedback options, communicating level filling and scrap status directly to your central control system. Direct notification to scrap haulers is also possible, truly minimizing your effort in managing your scrap system. Available scrap system options include:

  • Automated loadout systems
  • Balers
  • Bins
  • Trailers
  • Swivel chutes
  • Diverter chutes
  • Shuttle conveyors

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